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My Story


Having been a keen studier of Astrology right from age 12, I have dedicated many years to learning and will continue for many more to come! It's my absolute passion to study the movements of planets and try to explain them in an easy to understand way to people. I have had some lovely positive feedback from people that I have trialled my reports on for almost 18 months now, citing great life changing moments and I firmly believe that with dedication and enthusiasm you really can start to tune in to the moon and together we can start to mould our lives to the way we want them to be. Of course we always view these as entertainment and a nice to have, but the truth is when they are working so well, it's easy to read and absorb and start to live by the advice. I have manifested the love of my life, a new job, money when I needed it and many other wonderful changes, both big and small. Understanding the cycles and with thought provoking questions at each stage, you can get some real clarity on what you want and how to remove the obstacles that may be stopping you. I'm excited to have you on board, with a blank canvas to fill with all of the things you desire... Let's do it!

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