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A big warm welcome to you!

Here at Celestial Bathtub, we are all about encouraging people to create and achieve their goals by working with the phases of the moon! We also love astrology, so by blending the two, we hope you will start to reap the rewards of a focused, fun, and abundant life! The focus is on working primarily with the New and Full moons and all the things they represent. But we want tangible actions too, so the reports focus on how you may feel and what you can do to work with the energies.

We also love the soothing nature of water; our love of long soaks in the bath is where some of our best ideas are formed for ourselves. Being near or in water is said to help lower anxiety and stress and calm the mind and we agree with that!

So please browse below, follow me on Instagram, take a look through my site and I hope you take away something great for your day!

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Feedback & Reviews

Lisa’s personalised moon readings have brought so much comfort and enjoyment each time I receive them as they are always so accurate and in depth with what I’m feeling and what may be happening around me at the time. They have helped guide me through the general day to day as well as the most stressful situations with a clear head & focused understanding. I would recommend to everyone a million times over!


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